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Miscellaneous Pictures from summer 2000- spring 2001

Photo of Conwell Cemetery This is what we call the "gap" where we suspect the missing stones belong.  We're going to try and get them replaced if we can find where they belong.

Broken Stone, Back Section This is in the back section.  As you can see, 1/4 of this stone is missing.  We've searched the immediate area, and have had no luck locating it so far.  We have managed to check an old partial DAR list and found the  names on the stone, though, so it's not totally lost.

Back Section, Conwell Cemetery
This tree, also in the back section, is  holding up several stones left leaning there.  We aren't sure if these stones belong nearby or if someone was trying to save them from being hit by a mower  and moved them.  Not far from this shot is the large fallen limb and the brush piles.

Front Area

This was taken in the front section, somewhere on the northern side looking southeast.  The stone lying in the grass is a spire that has been knocked off of its base.  We suspected vandalism, but after working there for a few days, we've noticed that the ground is settling very unevenly, and that could account for some of the damage as well with some of these stones.  In places, we've found entire civil war markers, which are close to 3 feet long, sunken in to the point where 6 inches are visible.

Spring 2001, Back Section

This is only one of two images from this spring to survive our computer crash.  In an effort to protect the stones in the area, our volunteers, Kim and Minda pulled all the branches off the large limb you see in the  picture and piled them in a bare spot.  We still need to get someone with a chainsaw and a truck to help us get rid of these obstacles.  Also, note the grasses in the background, there are at least twenty stones in there, and the grass in places is shoulder height, with briars all through it.

Back Section, Spring 2001
This was our first view of the back section of the cemetery for the year.
  As you can imagine, we were horrified to see how much it had grown up